Ministerial PRACTICum 

Ministerial Practicum Requirements

The Ministerial Practicum is required for each degree program completed at CFBC. As part of your curriculum, the Practicum also accounts for three-credit hours of the 30 hours required to complete each program. You are required to serve in your local church or another ministerial program as agreed by you and the Academic Dean, for a minimum of 72 hours. For fourth-year students, at least 50% of your hours should be in service directly related to your major (Pastoral Ministry or Christian Education).

The three required Ministerial Practicum forms include the Supervisor Ministerial Practicum Report, Student Ministerial Practicum Report and a Ministerial Practicum Time Sheet. Your Ministerial Practicum will be graded based on the following scale:

Supervisor Ministerial Practicum Report – 25%

Student Ministerial Practicum Report – 25%

Ministerial Practicum Time Sheet – 50%

All forms must be appropriately completed, signed, and submitted to the Academic Dean by the due date specified on the Academic Calendar for each program.

Your first year provides a foundation for the and is required for all CFBC students. It is a core program and a prerequisite for those who will continue toward associate and undergraduate degrees.

Upon completion of the first year of studies, the student will be awarded a Diploma in Practical Biblical Studies and an Assisting Ministerial License. The student will be able to work in the local church in their specific area of ministry, or any other church-related ministry, under the supervision of the local Pastor or any other Minister or Leader assigned by the Pastor.

All students must successfully complete their coursework with a passing grade, and Ministerial Practicum requirements, in order to be awarded their Ministerial License. You must complete a minimum of 72 hours of Ministerial Practicum , preferably in your specific area of study, or in any other area of ministry.

Your Ministerial License will be renewed during CFBC commencement ceremony. You have the option to become ordained in your major course of study or another specific area of ministry. You are required to make prior arrangements for the ordination ceremony with the President of the College.

Students transferring credits to CFBC from another Institution(s) of higher learning must have an official, sealed transcript sent directly from the Institution(s) to CFBC.

The student is responsible to follow up with the Academic Dean to determine whether all transcripts have been received. Students are required to complete a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours in one of the CFBC programs toward the bachelor’s degree or graduation.